Replica Piaget’s Newest Watch Is An Electromechanical Marvel

Fully mechanical replica piaget ladies watches aren’t the only kind of haute horology.

For this one, you need to leave your snobbery about mechanical watches at the door. Piaget’s latest creation, the Emperador Coussin XL 700P, uses a new hybrid movement that combines mechanical power with electronic timekeeping. Once you get rid of anti-electric bias, you realize just how awesome this is.

The foundation for this new watch is the Emperador Coussin XL collection, a group of timepieces that blend clean dress-watch looks with the kind of oversize proportions you see more often on sport watches. This bad boy is 46.5 mm across and is solid white gold, meaning it’s probably best to start working out your wrist if you want to wear one. The black bezel is ADLC-coated and does a nice job of giving the case some needed contrast and visual structure. While I’m not sure I agree with Piaget’s marketing department in describing this watch as elegant or black-tie appropriate, it’s certainly striking and handsome.

But the movement is what really matters here. First, a refresher on exactly how a mechanical fake piaget emperador coussin tourbillon skeleton watch usually works. A standard mechanical watch feeds power from a tightly coiled mainspring (the thing you wind by hand) through to a balance wheel, which swings back and forth three or four times per second, counting out the time. That wheel moves a little fork back and forth, and with each tick and tock, a gear is turned. That gear then turns other gears, and you get hours, minutes, seconds, and whatever other units of time are tracked all from those little movements. That wheel-fork system is called a regulator, and it’s what allows a watch to keep time.

Replica Emperador Coussin XL 700P
Replica Emperador Coussin XL 700P

Here, Piaget has kept the mechanical spring as the power source and is still using gears to implement the timekeeping, but the mechanism actually keeping the time is a quartz crystal (like what you’d find in, say, a Swatch). What makes it different from a lesser quartz watch, though, is that instead of a little circuit board telling the first hand to move once per second, the quartz crystal regulates the movement of a spinning flywheel, which in turn controls all those other gears. The crystal oscillates at 32,768 Hz vs. the 3 or 4 Hz you get from a traditional watch. This means you get a perfectly smooth seconds hand and a much more accurate watch.

The technology is new for swiss Piaget, but it’s not the first to try something like this. Most notably, there’s Seiko’s Spring Drive line of watches (including the ultra-high-end Credor watches), which all function like this. An engineer at Seiko first had the idea in the ’70s, but the first Spring Drive watches rolled out only in 2005. Piaget decided to go down this route to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its very first quartz movement, the 7P, which was one of the first luxury quartz watches produced in Switzerland, a decendent of the original Beta 21. While Piaget might not be first to the party here, it does seem like a development that makes sense, not simply a bid for customer attention.

piaget emperador replica
piaget emperador replica

To make sure you don’t miss anything, Piaget placed both the winding rotor for the mechanical spring and the regulating wheel front and center on the dial. It actually took me a second to find the hands the first time I looked at the 700P (they’re down to the right, FYI). The movement is also blackened and skeletonized with polished gears, another way to make sure no one mistakes this for a cheap quartz knock-off.

Piaget has not yet announced a price for this copy piaget emperador coussin regulator watch, and it really could be anything. It’s hard to predict what the R&D costs are to develop technology such as this, especially since only 118 pieces are being made, so we’ll have to wait for SIHH in January to see just how expensive this watch is going to be. The big question for me, though, is a larger one: Is this a standalone tribute watch or will Piaget be developing more electromechanical watches down the line? I seriously hope the answer is the latter.

Happy Chinese New Year With Piaget Rooster-themed Lucky Imitation Watches

It is now a real tradition for automatic replica watches makers to observe Chinese New Year by creating beautiful, decorative timepieces adorned with some symbolic depiction of the appropriate sign of the Chinese zodiac, often using rare, artistic techniques to pay tribute to the eastern calendar.

The rooster is the eleventh sign of the 12-year zodiac cycle. According to Chinese astrology, the rooster is loyal and punctual – a great fit for a timepiece!

The Year of the Rooster begins on January 28, 2017.

Piaget Altiplano Chinese Zodiac replica watches
Piaget Altiplano Chinese Zodiac replica watches

Altiplano chronograph Chinese Zodiac Piaget imitation watches

Anita Porchet, a master of the enamel art form (and Gaïa Award winner), once again created the dial for 2017’s Chinese zodiac-themed timepiece by Piaget. Here she used the cloisonné enamel technique to stage the glorious, strutting animal.

Quick Facts Replica Piaget Altiplano Chinese Zodiac
Case: 38 mm, white gold set with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.7 ct)
Movement: manually wound Piaget Caliber 430P, ultra-thin
Dial: grand feu cloisonné enamel
Functions: hours, minutes
Limitation: 38 pieces, available only in Piaget boutiques
Price: $310

Marking the tenth anniversary of the exquisite Tourbillon Relatif, Piaget offers a unique piece to a fortunate collector, who can have his or her example’s dial, case engravings, and enamel markings entirely personalized. This unique edition includes the 12 Chinese characters associated with each of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac.

Fake Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif Chinese Zodiac
Fake Piaget Polo Tourbillon Relatif Chinese Zodiac

Quick Facts Polo Tourbillon Relatif Chinese Zodiac
Case: 45 mm, hand-engraved and –enameled white gold
Movement: manually wound Piaget Caliber 608P with approx. 80-hour power reserve and one-minute tourbillon orbitally rotating around the dial in one hour
Dial: white gold hand-engraved and –enameled using champlevé technique
Functions: hours, minutes
Limitation: one unique piece, available only in fake Piaget boutiques
Price: $250

60 Years Of Cheap Fake Piaget Ultra Thin Movements

2016 has been a difficult year for Swiss cheap fake piaget watch makers, with Richemont Group reporting a 13% drop in revenue for the six months ending September 30. But that won’t stop Richemont-owned Piaget from a major celebration in 2017 as it marks the 60th anniversary of the 9P ultra thin movement that made the Altiplano line of watches possible. How significant is the 2017 Altiplano to the future of Piaget? WatchPro’s Rob Corder spoke to Piaget’s international watch marketing and creative director Franck Touzea to find out.

Valentin Piaget made a significant leap forward in 1957 when he unveiled the ultra-thin 9P manual-winding movement at the Basel watch fair of that year. At 2 mm thick, the 9P enabled a broader 20.5 mm dial opening that the first Altiplanos were designed around.

“When it came to life in 1957, the 9P calibre was the pinnacle of ultra-thin. Indeed at that time it was an extraordinary technical achievement of being only 2mm thick,” says Franck Touzeau, international watch marketing and creative director, for Piaget in conversation with WatchPro.

“There was no computer assistance or manufacturing programs to help in creating components sometimes as thin as a human hair. The 2mm thinness of the 9P is still today a limit under which it is very risky to go if you want the movement to keep being reliable in the long term,” he adds.

Franck Touzeau

Piaget followed up on the launch of the 9P in 1960 with the creation of the 12P movement, a little thicker at 2.3mm, but including a 24ct gold off-centred micro-rotor offering efficient self-winding of the barrel-spring.

The two movements are revered in Piaget circles, according to Mr Touzeau, which is why the diamond jubilee in 2017 is such a big deal to the company. “The 9P set the frame of Piaget movements adventure. It clearly expressed that ultra-thin is part of the DNA of Piaget and initiated a family of ultra-thin calibres which represent today more than 25 movements,” he explains.

Mastery of ultra thin movements does not in itself lead to incredible piaget altiplano 900p rose gold watches, but marrying the new form to stunning case and dial designs certainly does. “The creation of the 9P calibre in 1957 gave life to a collection of ultra-thin watches which is today the Piaget icon: Altiplano.

Franck Touzeau, international watch marketing and creative director, for Piaget.

“Ultra-thin movements allow the expression of the ultimate elegance. As they enable us to save space, we can do whatever we want. Designers and artisans are free to create the most creative timepieces with the use of hard stones, marquetry, métiers d’art techniques to decorate the dial, diamonds and other precious stones. Piaget jewellery watches and creative collections perfectly express this freedom enabled by the unique Piaget’s ultra-thin know-how,” Mr Touzeau says.

To mark the 9P’s 60th anniversary year, Piaget will be launching a limited edition collection of Altiplanos this month. First to be unveiled are two original models – one hand-winding and the other self-winding – inspired by the designs of the first ultra-thin watches.

copy piaget 18-carat white gold and diamond watch
copy piaget 18-carat white gold and diamond watch

The watches will feature the historic logo, the applied gold hour-markers and the signature cross as a nod to the line’s origins. The new models: Piaget Altiplano Self-Winding 43 mm (G0A42105) and Piaget Altiplano Manual-Winding 38 mm (G0A42107), will be seen for the first time at SIHH in Geneva.

Both have a sunburst dial in Piaget deep blue with white gold hour-markers and the slim baton-hands typical of the line. The 43 mm self-winding model houses a Calibre 1200P, the fourth generation of its ultra-thin self-winding movements that is 2.35mm thick. The 38 mm-diameter manual winding model uses the 2.1mm thick Calibre 430P.

Demand ebbs and flows for every style of watch, and ultra thin dress watches have not always been in fashion. Piaget is determined to ensure that 2017 is remembered for the classic, timeless looks of its slim Altiplanos, and sets a standard for years to come. “In 60 years of Altiplano, Piaget has progressively set the aesthetic codes which make the identity of the collection. Based on ultra-thin elegance and essential, these codes have reached timelessness and created a style. This style is recognised as a reference throughout the years and will keep being our asset for the next years,” Mr Touzeau suggests.

Luxury Swiss piaget lady’s yellow gold diamond coral wristwatch makers have had a particularly difficult 2016, and there is not a great deal of optimism that 2017 will be much better. It has been eight years since the global financial crisis ushered in the period of austerity in the Western world that has had profound effects on the Swiss industry. However, Mr Tourzeau feels that brands like Piaget have to avoid being knocked off course by short term challenges. “In terms of style, there is no way to integrate influences: a true luxury brand has to follow its own DNA. Trend is not style … but we look closer and closer at our customers and consider their expectations and values, which do change. This is the way we set our direction: claim our style and offer our customers what will make them feel distinctive,” he replies in answer to a question about the effect of the global economy on watch design.

diamond times with the new piaget replica limelight diamonds jewellery watches
diamond times with the new piaget replica limelight diamonds jewellery watches

Piaget does not disclose figures for just its own sales, but it is part of Richemont Group, which has announced global sales falling 13% to €5.1 billion for the six months from April-September 2016. Profits fell 51% to €540 million.
“Sales and profits for the six-month period ended 30 September 2016 were significantly below the prior year’s level, reflecting the difficult global environment, the exceptional inventory buy-backs and challenging comparative figures in the first half of the previous financial year,” Richemont chairman Johann Rupert said in comments accompanying the latest financial results.

That buy-back programme was particularly painful for Richemont, but of crucial assistance to its distribution and retail channel. It is a situation that the group does not want to repeat. “Concerning replica piaget automatic watches, we will look to deal with overcapacity issues, adapting manufacturing structures to the level of demand,” Mr Rupert said.

Looking forward, the chairman believes the group’s stable of strong brands will bounce back. “We remain convinced of the long-term prospects for high quality products, in particular for watches and jewellery. Our Maisons stand for timelessness, quality and craftsmanship – values that are particularly sought after in uncertain times. Richemont, with its portfolio of long-established Maisons, strong balance sheet and worldwide geographic footprint, is well positioned to weather the current difficult environment and emerge stronger when global circumstances improve,” Mr Rupert concludes.