Piaget Replica Brand Unveils Two New Products To Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Magnificent dragon, mischievous monkey or sinuous snake, transforming the signs of the Chinese zodiac into vibrant works of art has become Piaget’s very own celebration of the Chinese New Year.  Every year since 2012, the Maison has staged that year’s zodiac sign on the dial of one of its ultra-thin altiplano piaget replica watches, masterfully handcrafted in the great Grand Feu cloisonné enamelling tradition. In 2017 the rooster joins the limited edition collection, creatively interpreted within the confines of the watch’s extremely thin case.

The Rooster Reigns Supreme on the Altiplano Copy Chinese Zodiac

Fusing the finest watchmaking with its passion for the decorative arts, world-renowned master enameller Anita Porchet has unleashed her imagination to bring to life the Rooster of the Chinese zodiac. A sign symbolizing confidence, punctuality, loyalty and honesty, the rooster is known for its pride of appearance therefore requiring a staging that was true to its distinguished personality. Turning once again to the cloisonné enamelling technique, she is able to reimagine the rooster in the signature style of the collection defined by its infinite shades of grey. By partitioning the enamel pigments using cloisons before they are fired multiple times at over 800°C in the kiln, she is able to better isolate the shades of grey from light to more intense in order to express the subtlest of detailing.

newest fake piaget altiplano 38mm
newest fake piaget altiplano 38mm

Master of this art of perfection, Anita Porchet breathes life into the exuberant rooster with creative virtuosity, achieving textures so elaborate and detailing so intricate that its luscious plumage seems to glisten as the magnificent creature poses majestically on the dial of the replica piaget altiplano white dial ladies watch.  Contrasting with the many tones of grey, white and black, the comb on its head and the wattle beneath its chin stands out in a vibrant red, evoking the way in which the rooster shows the world the shimmering facets of its personality. The radiance of the handcrafted enamel with its ethereal glow is enhanced by the natural beauty of 78 brilliant-cut diamonds set on the watch’s white gold case. Limited to just 38 pieces, this collector’s edition is a fitting homage to great skill of the métiers d’art with their ancestral techniques so passionately nurtured by Piaget.

Bespoke Artistry in Black and Gold: The 12 Signs of the Chinese Zodiac on the Piaget Polo replica Tourbillon Relatif

In keeping with this tradition of paying tribute to the culture of the Asian continent and to mark the 10th anniversary of the famous Tourbillon Relatif movement, Piaget has created a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by the Chinese zodiac. For this exclusive and unique masterpiece in white gold and black enamel, a master engraver and enameller have come together to stage the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac on the dial of a Piaget Polo timepiece combining champlevé Grand Feu enamelling with delicate hand engravings of each of the animals.  From its dial to the back and the sides of the case, this model can be entirely personalized to the wishes of its owner thanks to the creative marriage of two exceptional Art & Excellence techniques.

piaget copy black emperador mens imitation watch
piaget copy black emperador mens imitation watch

During a process that requires absolute precision, the engraver traces the design on the dial and creates the cells that will be filled with black enamel. The champlevé technique of piaget polo replica with slate gray dial watch consists in eliminating the excess material to reveal the desired design rather than simply etching the design into the metal. At this stage, the enameller fills the cavities with black pigments before putting the piece into the fire numerous times at over 800°C before the enamel can be evened out and finally varnished to give it its ethereal radiance.  The final stage of engraving is the most delicate as the engraver patiently adds the minute details to the artwork to achieve the highest level of refinement.  The master engraver must proceed with the utmost care as the slightest mistake could cause irreversible damage to the precious enamel. Achieving the level of detail in miniature for each of the zodiac signs requires extraordinary skill.

The theme of the Chinese zodiac is carried through on the profile of the watch’s case decorated with the 12 Chinese characters associated with each of the signs of the zodiac engraved in champlevé with black enamelling. On the case-back, the Chinese symbol for longevity is engraved and then delicately enamelled. Inside this artistic ode to the legend of the Chinese zodiac beats the 608P Tourbillon Relatif movement, itself a technical tour-de-force and a revolutionary concept in high watchmaking with the ultra-thin carriage of the tourbillon making a double revolution: one on itself every minute, and one rotation around the dial every hour. The hours are indicated by the central disc, while the seconds are indicated by the carriage of the tourbillon suspended above the dial on the minute hand. In celebration of the movement’s 10th anniversary, the minute hand has been redesigned as a cut-out arrow so as to allow a better view of the decorations on the dial.

Two uniquely distinctive creations available exclusively at Piaget Boutiques, two special ways to celebrate the year ahead. By giving free reign to the artistry of the most skilled artisans, Piaget evokes all the symbolism and the richness of Asian culture.

About Piaget Replica Brand

The unique allure of Piaget lies in the audacity of its style. Charismatic and flamboyant, dazzling piaget black emperador mens imitation watch and jewelry creations embody the radiance that defines the Maison. This passion for daring creativity was born in La Côte-aux-Fées, where Georges-Edouard Piaget set up his first workshop in the family farmhouse and devoted himself to producing high-precision movements. This was back in 1874 and marked the start of an ever-growing reputation. In 1943, the company took a decision that would prove crucial to its future by registering its brand name.

Faithful to its pioneering spirit, in the late 1950s Piaget set about designing and manufacturing the ultra-thin movements that would become one of the Maison’s signatures and leave a lasting imprint on the art of watchmaking.

Diamond piaget fake Watch
Diamond piaget fake Watch

But Piaget has also always represented a style: a marriage of gold and an explosion of color, new shapes, precious gems, and dials made of hard stones. Swept to new heights of creativity driven by Yves G. Piaget, the Maison’s jewelry collection grew in an original direction with a resolute emphasis on color, giving birth to the iconic Piaget look. Building on over 140 years of history, the ever-bold Maison continues to innovate by offering jewels in motion, elegant and extravagant High Jewelry collections, as well as remarkable white gold diamond piaget replica watches. In a world unconstrained by boundaries, Piaget the watchmaker-jeweler continues to explore unexpected creative possibilities, turning gold, stones and gems into brilliant works of art.

Piaget has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to supporting cinema and the arts. In February 2017, Piaget will once again be serving as Premier Sponsor of the Film Independent Spirit Awards for the tenth consecutive year.

Natalie Portman Wears Swiss Piaget Replica Watch In ‘jackie’

Not everything Jackie Kennedy wore translates, style-wise, to the present day, but the fashion replica piaget watch she wore is an exception.

original Piaget fake watch
original Piaget fake watch

Natalie Portman stars as Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, in Pablo Larraín’s new biopic Jackie. The plot revolves around incidents that took place after the president was assassinated on 22 November 1963, and sheds some light on how Jackie faces her grief.

piaget altiplano replica watch with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds
piaget altiplano replica watch with 78 brilliant-cut diamonds

Natalie’s performance has already received rave reviews from critics, but the authenticity of the character goes beyond her skills; Jackie’s fashion style was also brought to life. Larraín had Natalie wear the original white gold diamond replica piaget luxury watch that Jackie favoured. The elegant timepiece, pictured below on the left, features an oval jade dial set with diamonds and green tourmalines. The strap is made from gold mesh adorned with Piaget palace decor.
replica piaget luxury watch online
To celebrate the international debut of Jackie on 2 December, Piaget will also release a special edition of the piaget opal diamond replica watch with a hard stone dial, available in two colours from January 2017.

Piaget Replica Watches Collaborate With Leading Regional Fashion Talents To Launch The Limelight Gala Milanese Collection

Innovate and audacity are part of Piaget replica watches DNA and these high qualities were recently celebrated at the distinct launch of the Limelight Gala Milanese collection in Dubai. The prominent watchmaker and jeweler collaborated with four gifted fashion designers from the region to launch the collection in an indelible setting. The designers who joined hands with Piaget for the launch were Asma and Amna Khaled Saif (AKS), Manaal al Hammadi and Epiphany by Asma Al Matrooshi.

piaget black tie emperador fake watch
piaget black tie emperador fake watch

The thought was centered on two mains pieces from the Piaget gathering. The classic Gala Milanese was interpreted by the designers as everyday ready-to-wear and the Tradition replica watch with its décor palace finishes was illustrated as Haute Couture. Each designer developed two exceptional appearance that paid tribute to Piaget’s portfolio and essential master watch pieces.

Ready to wear

Asma and Amna Khaled Saif worked on lighter fabrics as the watch embodies a woman’s everyday wear wardrobe, they used mesh as a means to reflect the bracelet of the watch. The look was composed of two-layered Spring/summer jackets hinting at the “stacking” effect; women nowadays add jewelry and timepieces all together. The color palette is neutral and timeless. Asma Al Matrooshi portrayed the everyday woman with high-waist fitted pants, a blouse and jacket with a gold beaded and woven collar that highlighted the two dainty elongated asymmetrical lugs rounding the Gala Milanese. The look can be worn day or night, embodying the timelessness of piaget polo ladies replica watch pieces.

yellow gold replica piaget watches
yellow gold replica piaget watches

Manaal Al Hammadi worked on the visible traits of the Gala Milanese and its malleable bracelet with a look that reflected the texture of the bracelet through a zoomed in effect of woven laser cut fabric. Manaal worked around the idea that the piece was textured and in motion; embodying movement and attracting light while moving, this emphasizes the modernity of the beautiful jewellery white gold replica piaget watch.

Haute Couture

AKS’ look consisted of a take on modern couture through the construction of an A-line skirt, layered and bold which they paired with a short-sleeved silk blouse. They worked on silver rather than gold as the Tradition diamonds piaget replica watch represents something far beyond a classic, it is modern and bold.

Asma Al Matrooshi’s second look referred to all that is timeless and vintage. The look was composed of a bold Indian raw silk, 3/4 length coat in soft gold. Her use of raw silk illustrated the embossed bracelet of the Tradition beautiful and unique replica piaget watches.

Manaal Al Hammadi wanted to embrace all that is couture; the draping, the gold, the light, the dress. The Piaget Tradition replica watch made her think of an armor with its embossed bracelet so she worked on that “armor” effect through lines seen on the dress that were built with sequins, caging, and hugging a woman’s curves.

Limelight Gala

replica piaget lady's gold wristwatch
replica piaget lady’s gold wristwatch

Born in the 1970s, a period pervaded by freedom, audacity and extravagance, the Limelight Gala bears convictive testimony – alongside cuff-replica piaget limelight gala milanese watch and sautoir-necklace models – to the inimitable Piaget design which is based on a powerful style vocabulary that appealed to the jet-set and countless celebrities of the time. Revisited for the first time in 2013 on a satin strap, it now arises in a sole gold-clad version featuring a Milanese mesh strap complementing its generous curves.