Piaget Imitation Watches Video Once Upon A Star

Piaget imitation watches wish you beautiful holidays of years full of joy, hope and wonderful moments shared with those who are close.

The holiday season to share the stories of the past. These bright stories that continue to inspire us and we still fascinate today.

One of these precious stories is the story of a young boy who, inspired by a brilliant star, brought shine in the world through the beauty of gold and diamonds. It was a cold winter night in the small mountain village of La Cote – aux-Fees, Switzerland, that the boy saw a Golden Star to light up the sky and fall into the snowy Woods. He set off in the dark to find this bright star, and placed it in his pocket. Suddenly filled with inspiration and talent, he began to invent and create the most beautiful pieces of jewelry of diamonds, gold and precious stones. Radiant, pure and brilliant, these creations would become the brightest light source and he said that anyone who would own one of these pieces, would own a small radius of the star who fell from the sky during that night of winter. The young boy, Georges Edouard Piaget gouverneur collection, became years later a name in the world of watchmaking and luxury.

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